Thieving Foxes

3/11 is a day many of us will look back with disbelief. It was the day when the World Health Organization (WHO) classified the virus outbreak as a pandemic. A day, unlike 9/11, that didn’t catch one’s attention instantly because it felt too far away for many of us. The WHO told us to expect an invisible enemy and to make preparations. We know what happened: Lots of false claims, lots of confusion, lots of missed opportunities to limit the impact of COVID-19.

What was needed was access to accurate information. Information that is not driven by bias and falsehoods. Information without hype and sensationalism. 3/11 is a perfect example that access to unbiased information is vital to our democracy. The false claims thieving foxes in politics and media weaken the trust in democracy and our institutions.

Moving forward, will publish data-driven stories without political bias. We are driven by the goal of fulfilling our demanding role of becoming responsible citizens. will use public datasets to ignite conversations and reflections. is neither left nor right. is an observer with one mission: to inform and report objectively to strengthen our democracy.